Workers warned after Brexit-related comments at factory

The notice for employees at AGA Rangemaster's factory in Leamington.
The notice for employees at AGA Rangemaster's factory in Leamington.

Leamington factory workers have been warned after inappropriate comments made to foreign staff since the EU referendum result.

Employees at AGA Rangemaster’s was sent out a warning letter following last month’s vote after reports of inappropriate comments being made to members of staff.

The notice sent to workers at the Eagle Street site states: “Following the referendum vote last week it has come to the company’s attention that a small number of disparaging and inappropriate comments have been made to our employees from outside of the UK.

“Any further instances of this behaviour will result in disciplinary action up to, and including, dismissal.

“If an employee feels they have been subjected to any unfair treatment or negative behaviour they should inform their manager immediately.

“Any person - be they an employee, a contractor, visitor or on a temporary contract - should be treated with respect and courtesy.”

The notice was emailed to the Courier and Weekly News by an employee who wanted to remain anonymous.

The employee did not give reasons for doing so, and it is not know how many incidents have been reported at the site.

Meanwhile, AGA has said: “We are really proud that our company has a truly diverse workforce and a team of people of all nationalities who work happily side-by-side across all our UK operations.

“Over the past few days there have been a couple of isolated incidents where unacceptable remarks have been made to a few of our colleagues who are from Eastern Europe.

“This has never happened before so we wanted to immediately make it clear that this sort of behaviour will not be tolerated and therefore have put up the notice.”