Work begins to build new Skatepark in Leamington

Plans for the new skatepark in Victoria Park.
Plans for the new skatepark in Victoria Park.

Work has begun on the creation of a new skatepark at Victoria Park in Leamington.

After five years of campaigning, the Save Our Skatepark (SOS) team announced that the building project is now under way.

Plans for the project were unveiled in June after the team received a £60,000 funding boost from the SITA Trust.

Warwick District Council is match funding up to £50,000 for the facility.

Alex Walker, skateboarder and chairman of SOS, said: “We are extremely pleased to announce that the development has begun.

“It has taken roughly five years for this to happen and our board is super stoked that Leamington Spa finally has the facility it deserves.

“It is a legacy skatepark and will bring a contemporary sport to prominence in our town.”

The skatepark is due to be opened in October with the SOS team’s next objective being to have floodlights installed by around autumn 2017.

The old ramp in Victoria Park was removed by the district council for health and safety reasons in April 2011.

After that, Mr Walker started the campaign and has had support from the district council, Leamington and Warwick MP Chris White and Ripride Skateshop among others.

Mr Walker has said: “Skateboarding and similar sports like BMX and Parkour are not just hobbies or part-time sports people just pick up.

“These sports are a way of life to so many and encourage pro-social behaviour, an active and healthy lifestyle and also provide artistic expression.

“Leamington is a town with a rich history in boxing, tennis and bowls so as sport progresses we need to progress with it or we will not be able to keep up with others showcasing new and exciting talent around us.

“In a time where people say real community is lacking, it is projects such as this that can provide stimulus to our area.”

Anybody who wants to work with the SOS team can email or search for the group on Facebook.