Winners of Kenilworth Horticultural Society's Summer Show announced

The prize winners of Kenilworth Horticultural Society's Summer Show have been revealed.

Monday, 6th August 2018, 11:41 am
Updated Sunday, 2nd September 2018, 2:53 am
The winners of the Kenilworth Horticultural Society's Summer Show. From left to right: Liz Watson, Jennifer Matthews, Pam Beedham, Monica Davis, Betty Sunley and Myra Wilkinson.

The group held the show on Wednesday July 4, and the theme was red, white and blue due to it being the American Independence Day.

Liz Watson received the Denis Archer Memorial Trophy for the best exhibit in the show. The trophy and the first prizes were presented by Timothy Walker, who had given a talk earlier entitled: 'Can the Americans garden?'

The prize winners are as follows:

Society members enjoyed the exhibits on display

Class 1 - Three Stems Roses

First - Jenny Matthews, Second - Pam Beedham, Third - Caroline Rowe.

Class 2 - Ten Stems Sweet Peas

First - Monica Davis, Second - Margot Boss, Third - Liz Larson.

Class 3 - Four Stems Carnations

First - Pam Beedham, Second - Myra Wilkinson, Third - Myra Wilkinson.

Class 4 - Five Stems Other Flowers

First - Pam Beedham, Second - Barbara Tyndall, Third - Pam Beedham.

Class 5 - Small Arrangement of Flowers and Leaves

First - Myra Wilkinson, Second - Liz Watson, Third - Jenny Matthews.

Class 6 - Vase of Red, White and Blue Flowers

First - Betty Sunley, Second - Liz Watson, Third - Caroline Rowe.