Warwick Scouts in need of hands-on helpers

Warwick Sea Scouts
Warwick Sea Scouts

Warwick Sea Scouts are making a renewed appeal for practical expertise and time to help get their hut build off the ground and open up the club to hundreds of children.

The 2nd Warwick Sea Scouts have been running in the town for over 55 years, with 200 members and another 130 on a waiting list - leading to the need for a bigger meeting space in St Nicholas Park.

But after planning permission was granted for a new headquarters and boathouse, the club now needs help pulling in funds and practical expertise to get things going.

Volunteers are calling for help from structural engineers, surveyors, builders and legal experts to try to keep costs as low as possible.

Help is also sought from anyone who can lend a hand with making grant applications or spreading word of the appeal. Businesses can even do their bit through a brick sponsorship scheme to help get the walls in place.

A club spokesman said: “Sadly our current headquarters in St Nicholas Park is now showing signs of its age, it is too small, and inadequate to meet the standards of the 21st century.”

Sadly our current headquarters in St Nicholas Park is now showing signs of its age

Warwick Sea Scouts

The planned headquarters next to the leisure centre will cost £1,082,500, with £457,500 needed for a boathouse on the existing hut site.

The club has raised nearly £100,000 towards costs, but has a long way to go to reach its ambitious target.

Once the new sites are completed, the existing sailing club will return to parkland.

To find out more, or offer help, get in touch with volunteer Neil Pitchford on 07806 175775 or via new.hq@2wk.org.uk