Warwick residents' anger at slow internet

A resident in Warwick has set up a petition after continuing to have poor internet connection.

Thursday, 15th December 2016, 10:12 am
Updated Thursday, 15th December 2016, 11:22 am
Rachel Meek has organised a petition after having such low internet speed she cannot do anything. BT have ignored her and said they cannot do anything and that the service meets the minimum requirements. NNL-161213-214558009

Rachel Meek has had to put up with slow broadband speed since she moved into her home in Whitman Way, Chase Meadow, a year ago.

Miss Meek started a petition last month after reaching breaking point.

She said: “I live on a new development and our broadband is supplied by BT. Me and my neighbours have complained about how slow it is but BT will not do anything about it.

“The speed in my home is 0.77mbps, which you cannot do anything with, but BT said they only have to meet a required 0.5mbps.

“I am paying for a service from BT that I cannot utilise and they will not allow me to downgrade my package.

“The aim of the petition is to get BT or Openreach to upgrade the connection as when the development was built only the very basic installation was put in.

“People cannot work from home because of the current speed and kids cannot do their homework. The internet nowadays is essential.”

On the petition it says: “We demand that BT and BT Open reach immediately start the process of connecting this development onto the existing fibre network which passes within 10m of the development at Tapping Way where standard broadband is available to 17Mb and fibre is available up to 76Mb.”

Since launching the petition to represent her neighbourhood’s views it has received 106 signatures and 50 comments.

One resident on the petition website commented: “We moved from a property having 100mbps to receiving 1mbps. I cannot believe that this new development has been installed without fibre. Stop improving those who already have excellent connection and start focusing on those who barely have any.

“Our children have homework that need to be accessed and completed online, homeworkers unable to run their business and unable to watch things through such mediums as Amazon Prime etc available due to speeds not being high enough.

“We are forced to pay companies for services that we are entitled to receive through payment, yet are unable to access.”

A spokewoman from BT said: “Openreach, who install and maintain the local network on behalf of all communications providers, are investigating.”