Warwick has reached tipping point after 'mindless' thefts and vandalism

Plants have been stolen from Warwick planters once again
Plants have been stolen from Warwick planters once again

Warwick Town Council has reached a tipping point with vandals after another week of mindless destruction in the town centre.

A Poppy Appeal collection point was damaged outside a church, and plants were once again stolen from the planters, which are designed to make the town attractive.

Another planter with its plants missing

Another planter with its plants missing

The stolen plants will not be replaced until the culprits are caught, a town councillor has said.

Staff from Barn Close Nurseries discovered the latest thefts on Tuesday January 30, and described the damage caused to the displays as ‘mindless vandalism’.

Similar incidents of plants being taken happened back in December. Following the thefts, the town council opted to replace the missing plants out of its own pocket.

But after these latest thefts, the council has decided to stop replacing the plants as it cannot justify spending the money every time with no guarantee the plants would stay where they are.

Cllr Mandy Littlejohn, chair of community and culture for Warwick Town Council, said: “Warwick Town Council is disappointed in this behaviour, and it’s the second time the plants have been stolen out of these planters.

“We will not be able to replace them until the culprits have been caught.

“We’ve probably got to spend £300 to replace them, and we can’t keep spending that money.

“Until we’re happy this will not happen again, it’s irresponsible of the town council to spend money if all that will happen is the plants being stolen again.”

Cllr Littlejohn also encouraged people to photograph or film the culprits in action if they see them, as the town council needs evidence to try to get them convicted.

She also apologised on behalf of the town council for the displays not looking as they should for the time