Warwick district among top ten most difficult places to find parking spaces in West Midlands


Warwick district is among the top ten most difficult places to find a car parking space in the West Midlands according to new data.

Comparison website GoCompare has measured which cities, boroughs and towns are the hardest to find a parking space, based on the ratio of vehicles to parking space and this has shown that Warwick district has an average of 34 vehicles to every parking space and comes in as the eighth toughest place in the West Midlands to find a parking space.



It ranks at number eight in the list - above Coventry which has 33 vehciles per parking space but below Solihull, in second with 92 and Birmingham in third with 71 cars per space.

Sandwell is the hardest place to find a parking space in the West Midlands.

On a typical day there, there are an average of 121 vehicles to every parking space.

Sandwell is also in the top ten over worst places to find parking in England.

The list for the West Midlands is as follows:

1. Sandwell - 121 vehicles per parking space

2. Solihull - 92

3. Birmingham - 71

4. Dudley - 54

5. Staffordshire - 46

6. Wolverhampton - 38

7. Telford and Wrekin - 36

8. Warwick district - 34

9. Coventry - 33

10. Stoke-on-Trent - 25

11. Walsall - 10

12. Herefordshire - 6

Find out more about the data here https://www.gocompare.com/van-insurance/parking-pains/#/