Warwick couple to take on fourth and final Wolf Run this weekend

Team Ethan after completing the Autumn Wolf Run.
Team Ethan after completing the Autumn Wolf Run.

A couple from Warwick who have been taking on Wolf Runs throughout the year to help their son will be facing their final challenge this weekend.

James and Laura Maclellan, who live in Hathaway Drive, which is on the Woodloes, decided to take on the challenge of completing four Wolf Runs this year.

They have been doing it to raise money to help pay for their son’s necessary health care equipment.

James and Laura’s son Ethan, who is now three years old, was diagnosed with an underdeveloped brain shortly after he was born in September 2014.

Since then, Ethan has needed regular treatment and specialised equipment to support him and as he grows up he will need expensive equipment such a specialised beds.

The couple will be taking on their fourth and final Wolf Run, ‘The Winter Wolf’ this weekend.

Once they have completed it they will also get their “Alpha Award” for completed all four events in a year.

Laura and James said: “We can’t believe we are nearly at the end of this amazing journey and we are looking forward to holding our alpha wolf medals high for our Ethan.”

To donate to James and Laura’s fundraising page click here.