Warwick Castle team have their say on rejected maze plans

The team at Warwick Castle have now spoken out about their retrospective plans for their '˜Horrible Histories Maze' being rejected.

Wednesday, 22nd August 2018, 12:36 pm
Updated Monday, 3rd September 2018, 12:16 pm
Warwick Castle.

Last week The Courier ran a story about residents and organisations in the town urging the team at Warwick Castle to reinstate the rose garden that they had removed to put the maze in around 18 months ago.

The maze features hedges made from Portugal Laurel and props such as barrels and trunks. One of the areas of the maze features a seven metre-long Viking Boat – which requires planning permission.

Merlin Entertainments recently submitted a retrospective planning application, which was rejected by Warwick District Council’s Planning Committee last week.

Nick Blofeld, divisional director at Warwick Castle, said: “We are disappointed that the Warwick District Council Planning Committee declined our retrospective planning application for the maze, but we understand the sensitivity.

“At the time the maze was put in, in 2016, it was considered that the works did not require planning permission.

“It is predominantly a landscaping project, and in a discrete location, well protected by trees and hedges.

“The maze has become a successful additional attraction for many castle visitors, especially children.

“A retrospective application was submitted in agreement with Warwick District Council as it was identified that elements of the completed maze do require planning permission.

“The maze was installed in advance of the current Masterplan being drafted in accordance with the new Local Plan.

“Discussions in relation to the Masterplan have been ongoing with the Council for over a year and if necessary, the site of the maze will be incorporated.

“We see our purpose at the Castle to help people of all ages and backgrounds experience the fun of real history, bringing history to life, making history fun for children especially.

“And dating back to 914, we have a lot of history to play with.

“We will review our options in light of this decision and get back in touch with the Council shortly.”