War medals stolen from Warwick man in burglary

A Warwick man has been left '˜very upset' after burglars stole war medals belonging to his relatives from his home.

Wednesday, 14th September 2016, 10:14 am
Updated Tuesday, 4th October 2016, 1:55 pm
Dave Beckett has had his father & uncle's WWII and WWI medals stolen in a recent burglary. But fortunately, the burglars did not steal his uncle's 'dead man's penny', which was issued to the relatives of soldiers killed in action during WWI. NNL-160913-193650009

David Beckett, 79, of Stratford Road, had two medals from the First World War and five from the Second World War stolen between Thursday September 8 and Friday September 9.

The World War II medals were awarded to his father Francis Thomas Beckett, and the World War I medals belonged to his uncle William Edwin Beckett.

David initially thought the burglars had not taken anything, but then discovered the medals were missing after police came round to assess the house for evidence.

William Edwin Beckett, who was killed during World War 1.

David said: “Before the police came round they told me not to touch anything because they were going to check for fingerprints.

“After they did their search I found the burglars had stolen the medals.

“It’s very upsetting as you can imagine - they had sentimental value. But what can you do?

“They were just after money or something like that but I don’t keep money in the house.”

William Edwin Beckett, who was killed during World War 1.

The burglars broke into David’s house while he was away. It is believed they gained entry by breaking through the kitchen window.

David’s daughter Joanne Roberts has appealed online to find the medals on sites such as Facebook and to nearby antique shops in case anyone tries to sell them there.

She said: “The medals mean quite a lot to us and should be with their family.”

There is some consolation for David and Joanne. Although the burglars took some of the medals, they did not steal William’s Memorial Plaque or ‘dead man’s penny’, given to relatives of soldiers who died in the First World War.

The plaque is made of bronze and is about the size of a saucer.