Vigilance calls after fridge dumped in Finham brook

Finham Brook
Finham Brook

A distraught councillor is appealing for vigilance after being appalled to see household waste dumped in the Finham Brook off Manor Road Bridge.

Richard Davies slammed “completely thoughtless behaviour” after a fridge was dumped in the stream.

After alerting the Environment Agency to have the waste removed, Cllr Davies said such behaviour required action.

“I stunned and frankly sickened to see that some mindless moron had hurled a fridge and other rubbish into the clean stream,” he said.

“Why would anyone be so completely thoughtless and lazily stupid when we have a tip so close to hand?

“I urge people to take the number plate details of anyone seen doing such antisocial and completely thoughtless behaviour and report it to police and a district councillor.”