UPDATE: Travellers remain on site in Warwick

Travellers have remained on a site in warwick despite being served notice yesterday (Tuesday).

Tuesday, 20th June 2017, 11:13 am
Updated Tuesday, 12th September 2017, 11:55 am
Travellers at Myton Fields.

Last week a group of travellers moved onto the Central Ajax Football Club site, which is on Hampton Road.

Club members were becoming increasingly concerned that their annual summer tournament would have to be cancelled because of the traveller encampments.

The tournament helps bring in thousands of pounds of revenue for the club and also sees around 1,000 children taking part over the weekend.

The entrance to Myton Fields car park. Photo by Google Street View

Despite concerns, the travellers moved off the site last Wednesday evening (June 14) and because of a rallying community effort the tournament was able to go ahead last weekend.

Yesterday travellers were spotted on Myton Fields.

Linda Bromley, on behalf of the Friends of St Nicholas Park, said: “There are three vans on there this morning.

“The gate to Myton Fields was still open at 11pm on Monday night whether the gate was broken into we don’t know but it is supposed to be closed at 8pm by the district council.

The entrance to Myton Fields car park. Photo by Google Street View

“We have informed the council about the travellers and they are taking steps.

“We are waiting to see what action is taken. There are three vans here now but there is a possibility for more.”

Yesterday (Tuesday) an officer from Warwick district council visited the site with police and they served Notice of Direction to Leave.

The travellers were meant to leave by 3pm but they have now.

Recently Warwick district council approved a feasibility study to take place to look into making Myton Fields car park an all-year round car park as well as looking into a new bridge in the area.

Linda said: “We are worried about the plans for the Myton Fields car park to be an all year round car park. We are concerned that if the gates are open all the time this could happen at any time.

“At the moment it is closed during the winter and at summer the gates are locked at 8pm.

“We are worried if it is open all year round it will be open to travellers all year round.

“This is also a reason why we wanted CCTV put onto Myton Fields, which we have been trying to get for years.”