UPDATE: Travellers in Kenilworth park to have notice of leave served on them

Travellers who set up camp in a Kenilworth park last night will have a notice of leave served on them by police tomorrow.

Wednesday, 16th August 2017, 5:55 pm
Updated Tuesday, 12th September 2017, 12:16 pm
Caravans in Bates Memorial Field this morning

Around 20 caravans are currently parked on Bates Memorial Field, which is owned by Warwick District Council. The travellers accessed the site at around 9pm on Tuesday August 15.

But once the police issue the travellers a Section 61 notice to leave tomorrow, they have 24 hours to do so.

If they do not comply, the district council can apply for a court order from the County Court. If the travellers still refuse to leave, baliffs are then called in.

Town councillor Marilyn Bates who lives in nearby Thornby Avenue said: “It’s bad enough when the horsefair is on as we never go out, but to have them camped right behind our house is terrifying.”

And Kenilworth resident Janice Ford spotted the caravans when she went to walk her dog this morning (Thursday August 16).

She said: “It’s shame because the park is due for a spruce up and of course there are lots of children and families enjoying the space during the summer holidays.

“I know they need somewhere to reside but this is not a suitable site. I hope it can be resolved peacefully.”

A spokesman for Warwick District Council said it was following the ‘usual process’ through the County Court to regain possession of the land.

Inspector David Kettle of Warwickshire Police said they were working with Warwick District Council to support them in managing the encampment.

He said: “Officers have been patrolling the area to provide reassurance to the community with us being aware that this site is significant in terms of amenities and events provided to local residents.

“Officers will endeavour to take positive action to address any reported issues of anti social or criminal behaviour at the site.”