UPDATE: Travellers in Warwick moved on by Police

A caravan left behind by travellers near Tachbrook Park last week.
A caravan left behind by travellers near Tachbrook Park last week.

Travellers that have been settled on sites near Hampton road have reportedly been moved on.

Last week concerns were rapidly growing after travellers moved onto two sites near Hampton Road.

It was then revealed that Warwick councillor Martyn Ashford was threatened by the travellers when he tried assess the area where they had settled.

Acting on residents’ concerns Cllr Ashford went to the sites the travellers were occupying last Wednesday to assess the issue but when he started to take photos he became surrounded by travellers who then went on to threaten him.

Cllr Ashford said: “I started taking photos and then I was surrounded by travellers and they basically intimidated me and asked that I deleted the photos I had taken. Then one of them said ‘nice car that is’ at my car and I asked if he was trying to intimidate me and he just shrugged his shoulders.

“I would warn everybody not to take on these people on their own and to leave it to the officials to deal with it. The situation can turn volatile if it is approached wrong. It is a frightening situation.”

Despite the issues Cllr Ashford and the Chase Meadows Residents’ Association’s Facebook page said that the travellers were all going to be moved on by December 27.

Earlier today The Courier reported that the travellers were still on the sites but it is now understood that the police have started the process to move them on.

Cllr Ashford said: “The travellers that were due to leave on the 27th but Police were spotted at Hampton Road today.

“It is a relief that they are starting to be moved on. From what I understand they are being moved on from the site near the stables. It is a relief the eviction has started and thanks goes to the police and their section 61.

“Obviously now they have started moving but there is the prospect of clearing up the mess they have left behind. We are all law-abiding citizens and I cannot see why they cannot be and leave the site the way they found it.”