UPDATE: Cheating partner posters in Warwick said to be genuine

Posters that appeared across Warwick which appear to show a dispute between '˜Graham' and '˜Linda' have been said to be genuine.

Monday, 9th January 2017, 1:52 pm
Updated Monday, 9th January 2017, 4:12 pm

Several different notices have been spotted in the town, which are targeted at ‘Graham’, who has been labelled as a cheating partner.

One poster said: “If she is so good in bed, you can stay there.”

Another notice informs ‘Graham’ that his car keys are in the canal, the locks have been changed and the credit cards have been maxed.

The woman, known only as Linda, is believed to have ordered the laminated posters, which are illustrated with an image of Graham’s name in a heart, hanging from a noose.

It reads: “If she is so good in bed you can stay there. Merc keys in canal. Locks changed. Cards maxed.

“Happy New Year, Linda xxx.”

The messages have been attached with cable ties to lampposts at locations including pedestrian crossings, at parks and beneath road signs.

The posters have been created by Warwick-based Throwingrocks.co.uk, who told The Courier that the posters are genuine.

A spokesperson from Throwingrocks.co.uk said: “It’s hard to believe out of all of the posters we’ve put up throughout 2016, its these, in the quiet town of Warwick, that have caused the most stir.

“Its not even the first time we’ve printed a message from an scorned wife.

“Contrary to some speculators on social media, putting our url on the bottom of these is nothing more than advertising. Like most businesses, we aspire to grow.”

The posters will be taken down by the company today.

The spokesperson continued: “Our posters are only ever up for two working days. They were put up on Friday and we are taking them down today.”

Neither Linda nor Graham has yet been identified but dozens of people have spotted the posters around the town and they have been widely shared on social media.

As well as people enjoying the posters several people are also enjoying the speculation of who ‘Linda’ and ‘Graham’ are.

Catalan, a tapas bar and grill on Jury Street, took to Facebook this morning to try and entice ‘Linda’ to come forward.

Malcolm Cook, owner of Catalan, said: “People in the bar haven’t stopped talking about it since Friday as there was a poster just outside on a lamppost.

“We had a chat with everybody called Graham and Linda in the bar. We weren’t sure if it was a hoax but then I got a call from someone I know saying it was real and not a publicity stunt.

“I think we know who Linda is and it is very creative of her. Every man called Graham in Warwick is walking around a bit edgy.

“Everybody has been talking about it and it is a bit of fun at Graham’s expense but he shouldn’t have been so naughty should he.”

“We understand that Graham is from Warwick but Linda is not.”

Mr Cook is offering Linda and her friends a free bottle of champagne for her creativity. He said: “There is a bottle here for Linda and her friends if she wants to come forward.”