Up to 135 homes could be built next to Kenilworth Cricket Club

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Up to 135 homes could be built next to Kenilworth Cricket Club as developers draw up plans just a month after the district’s Local Plan was approved.

Birmingham-based Richborough Estates has sent leaflets to nearby residents asking for feedback before it submits a full plan.

Richborough Estates' draft plan for the site sent to nearby residents

Richborough Estates' draft plan for the site sent to nearby residents

The land, off Warwick Road in fields south and east of the cricket club, was only earmarked for 100 homes in the Local Plan.

Andy Smith, honorary secretary at Kenilworth Cricket Club, said the club was worried about the safety aspect of houses right next to a cricket pitch. The club would also be liable for any damage to property.

It suggested putting a high fence up to block the balls if any are hit over the boundary, but admitted it did not have the funds to build one.

Andy said: “Our concern is the number of cricket balls being hit into the fields. I would say generally we hit up to six per match.

“We don’t want people getting injured and property getting damaged.”

Around 30 to 40 club members met with Richborough Estates earlier in August to discuss the plans.

Andy added: “This development is going to happen, we’ve got to accept it, but we’re trying to be positive and work with Richborough Estates.

“In fairness, they did listen to the points we raised at the meeting.

“We’ll be interested to see the final plans, and we’re going to be keeping our finger on the pulse.”

Although the final plan has not been submitted, Richborough Estate’s leaflet suggests the houses are likely to be a mix of one to five-bedroom homes. 40 per cent will be affordable, meaning below market value.

Vehicle access will be from Warwick Road, and additional entrances for pedestrians and cyclists.

And ‘strategically placed green space’ will apparently help maintain distance between the cricket club and the development.

James Bradshaw, divisional director at Richborough Estates, said its assessment of the site meant it could provide up to 135 homes, and said 100 was a guideline amount.

He added: “We recognise the need to provide high-quality housing for local people and as such we propose that 40 per cent affordable housing will be provided on the site as required by Warwick District Council.

“We are committed to working with the local community to ensure a high-quality development for the area that provides much-needed housing.”

Kenilworth town councillor for St John’s Ward, Richard Dickson, praised the developers for getting in touch with residents, and encouraged people to submit feedback to them.

He said: “Their willingness to engage constructively with local residents sets a good example for developers involved with other sites in the town.”

Anyone wishing to send feedback should email info@starplanning.co.uk or write via Royal Mail to Freepost STAR PLANNING by Friday September 8.