‘Unloved’ pub in Kenilworth housing plan

The Albion Tavern on Albion Street
The Albion Tavern on Albion Street

New housing plans are in motion with an application to demolish the Albion Tavern in Kenilworth and build six new houses in its place.

Described as being “run down and unloved,” the pub and garden in Albion Street could be transformed into three pairs of semi-detached houses under the latest plans by developers.

In an application put forward this month, the business is described as no longer viable, and that other pubs in the area will replace the need for a bar in a part of town where houses would have more need.

The application is awaiting bat reports to be completed before it proceeds to the next stage, where objections and support can be submitted by consultees and residents.

In reports submitted to Warwick District Council’s planning department, the application states: “The pub has become run down and unloved. The site is under used but is considered to have good potential for infill housing.

“Like many public houses the Albion Tavern is no longer viable as a ‘wet trade’ establishment.

“In spite of the overall size of the existing pub, the trading area does not provide a significant or well used community facility.”

No objections can yet be registered against the proposals which will not be validated until reports on possible bat habitats are completed.

After this time, Kenilworth Town Council will discuss the proposals before making recommendations to the district.

View the planning documents and progress online here