Tory take-over in Kenilworth local elections

Ballot box NNL-140930-165811001
Ballot box NNL-140930-165811001

Kenilworth has seen Conservative success on the town and district council amid huge gains for the party last week.

The town is now served by just one non-Conservative councillor at town and district levels following Thursday’s elections.

Big changes were expected on the town and district council after seven councillors stepped down ahead of the vote last week.

Before choosing not to stand for reelection, Ann Blacklock in Abbey ward was the sole Liberal Democrat representative on Warwick District Council, and the party had two members on the town council.

On Thursday, all district councillors standing to hold their seats were successful and all nine ward seats were won by the Tory Party after the Lib Dems failed to secure a majority.

In St John’s, Richard Davies retained his seat, and was joined by newly elected Conservatives, Patricia Cain and John Cooke.

In Park Hill, existing members, Dave Shilton, Felicity Bunker and council leader, Andrew Mobbs retained their seats.

Dave Shiton secured 2,643 votes - the highest number of votes in the town.

In Abbey ward, existing councillors Michael Coker and George Illingworth were elected alongside Tory Party candidate, Rowena Hill.

On Kenilworth Town Council, Cllr Kate Dickson is the only remaining Liberal Democrat member among Tory gains.

In Park Hill, former members, Felicity Bunker, Mike Hitchens, Andrew Mobbs, Dave Shilton and Shirley Shilton all held their seats, alongside newly elected Richard Hales.

In Abbey ward, Michael Coker, Kate Dickson and George Illingworth were reelected, as well as Helen Delaney and Rowena Hill.

In St John’s, Richard Davies and John Cooke will be joined by newly elected members, Alastair Bates, Marilyn Bates, Patricia Cain and Clive Nelson.

The new town council will meet later this month at Jubilee House.