Spate of burglaries and vehicle break-ins reported in Kenilworth

Homes and vehicles in Kenilworth have been targeted by criminals once again in August.

Friday, 17th August 2018, 4:34 pm
Updated Sunday, 2nd September 2018, 10:09 pm
Several incidents have been reported in Kenilworth

Warwickshire Police has recorded several new incidents this month.

A spokesman for Kenilworth Watch, a neighbourhood watch group in the town, said: "Clearly criminals are operating in and across our town and we all need to keep a close eye out for persons who are acting suspiciously or events that do not appear to be right.

"Equally, residents are advised again to review their home security, their property boundary security and vehicle security.

"In the face of this latest and intense spate of activity it is deterrents that will go a long way to preventing individuals from becoming a victim of crime."

At some point on Sunday August 5, offenders broke into a vehicle parked outside a home in Albion Street and carried out a search of the glovebox before making off with a new charger pack. This is incident 224 of Saturday August 11.

Between 7pm on Saturday August 11 and 6pm on Sunday August 12, offenders stole a van containing work materials and equipment from outside a home in Spring Lane. This is incident 301 of Monday August 13.

A home was burgled in Convent Close, between 5pm on Saturday August 11 and 1.20pm on Sunday August 12.

Offenders got in through a ground floor window, causing severe damage. Once inside, the offenders carried out a messy search before making off with items of jewellery and a coin collection. This is incident 160 of August 12.

During the night of Sunday August 12 into Monday August 13, several offences were recorded.

Offenders broke into the garage of a home in Stoneleigh Road after climbing over a secure garden gate.

The offenders forced open the rear door of the garage before making off with a pushbike with a child seat and four spare wheels to an old vehicle. This is incident 56 of Monday August 13.

Offenders also attempted to break into a vehicle parked outside a home in Spring Lane, causing damage to the windows. The offenders failed to get inside and nothing was stolen. This is incident 378 of Monday August 13.

Another incident involved offenders smashing the passenger side window of a vehicle parked in Common Lane. They carried out a search of the glovebox but nothing was stolen. This is incident 57 of Monday August 13.

On Pipers Lane, criminals smashed the driver's side window of a vehicle parked outside a home and stole a sat nav, a suitcase of make up and two bags containing skin care products and make up brushes. This is incident 75 of Monday August 13.

Finally, offenders stole a laptop computer from a vehicle parked out side a home in Whitemoor Road after smashing through a passenger side window. This is incident 361 of Monday August 13.

Anyone with information about these incidents should contact Warwickshire Police on 101.