Sir Walter Scott’s memory will live on as plaque is found

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A PLAQUE which celebrates an important part of Kenilworth’s heritage has been found this week - after years of searching.

The tribute, which is marked ‘Sir Walter Scott 1771 - 1832’ used to hang outside the building which was The King’s Arms and Castle Hotel in Warwick Road.

It was erected to remember the novelist, who while staying at the hotel was inspired to write Kenilworth, first published on January 8 1821.

But as a result of the building being refurbished and turned into what is now a restaurant, the plaque was misplaced.

It was found this week in the She Bar, which recently closed down, and has been returned to the care of the town council.

Peter Swoboka, known in Kenilworth as Dr Pats, informed the town centre manager David Butler of its whereabouts.

He said: “I had an idea where this plaque might be and was worried it could be lost forever.

“Now it’s been recovered I hope it will be returned to its place on the front of the building or be put in the Barn in Abbey Fields.

“The novel Kenilworth has brought a wealth of tourism and support to the town over the centuries and it ought to be remembered and publicly commemorated.

“If the plaque goes to a museum it should be left alone but if it goes on the front of the building it ought to be refurbished.”

Geoff Symes, town clerk, added: “A couple of years ago we did a search for the plaque but we were looking for a blue one and it’s actually brown, which may be why we couldn’t find it.

“I’ve now polished it up and am looking after it until the town council decides what to do with it next.”