Shakespeare Hospice opens town store

Shakespeare Hospice
Shakespeare Hospice

The Shakespeare Hospice is preparing to open its doors with a new furniture shop in hope of promoting care services and pulling in donations.

The Stratford-based hospice charity will open the second-hand store on April 25 - offering special deals for the first 40 customers into the Abbey End space.

Taking second hand goods and offering a free collection service, the charity hopes to boost hospice care which it has provided in Kenilworth since 2013.

Nurses and carers rely on donations to offer care and help residents spend thier last few weeks or days at home.

A bereaved town carer who receives help from the team said without their support, her husband would not have been able to spend the last weeks of his life at home.

The Hospice also has a new purpose-built Young People’s Hub, to extend their support to bereaved young people, young carers and 16 to 24-year-olds with a life limiting illness.

Carers also are involved with Kenilworth School for training and support, and said they “look forward to opening in April and becoming part of the Kenilworth community.”