Seven-day crime wave hits Kenilworth

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Paint stripper attacks, burglaries, criminal damage and a stolen BMW have all been reported in just seven days in Kenilworth.

The mini crime wave has left fear and shock in the town with officers urging everyone to heighten their awareness and be aware of suspicious activity around their homes.

Advice from neighbourhood watch groups os to report any suspicious activity immediately following the incidents which include serious damage to cars and even theft of a vehicle from a driveway.

In the latest reported incident, offenders scratched deep circles into the bonnet of a vehicle as it was parked in Arthur Street sometime between 2.30pm on January 17 and midday the next day.

And just days before, attackers similarly ‘keyed’ a car which was parked in Priory Road. The incident - which included the key being dragged down two panels of the car leaving deep scratches in the paintwork- occurred sometimes between 8am on January 14, and the next morning.

On January 16 a vehicle parked in Harbourne Close had paint stripper thrown over it causing “considerable damage”.

Sometime overnight on January 19, the attacks continued as offenders ripped rear windscreen wipers from a car as it was parked between Stoneleigh Road and Churchill Avenue.

But the reported incidents have not been restricted to car damage. Sometime between 11am and 3pm on January 15, a cross trainer was stolen from the side of a house on Powis Grove.

Over the weekend of January 18, burglars used a pillowcase to smuggle a games console, chargers and CDs out of a house in Arthur Street. The offenders gained entry to the unsecured house via windows at the back of the property.

More thefts occurred overnight on January 20 when offenders broke into a vehicle parked in Scott Road and stole a Makita drill, Dewalt drill and a Worz electric saw from inside.

In the latest incident, an burnt orange BMW M5 was taken from the driveway of a house in Roseland Road on January 21. Offenders broke into the house through back windows at around 7.50pm where they stole cash and the keys to the car which was parked outside.

Fraser Pithie, who heads up the Crownwatch neighbourhood scheme, said: “The latest crimes give some cause for concern as a new and very unwelcome activity has been reported and serious damage being done to peoples cars.

In one incident the paintwork was seriously damaged by being ‘keyed’ whilst in another paint stripper was thrown over the paintwork causing devastating effects.

“Again, we also wish to stress the need to help ourselves. In one case of burglary the premises targeted was found to be insecure and once again valuable items left in vehicles have been taken.

“Yes, it is frustrating and can be tiresome but each one of us needs to ensure we make it as difficult, not easy, as possible for the criminal to succeed.

“Please take a minute or two to read the details of the crimes that have taken place across the town in the last seven days and consider what you do in your daily routine that you might change to ensure you make it as difficult as possible for a criminal to make you their next victim.”

Anyone with any information to the above crimes can contact police on 101 or anonymously via Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.