Second-hand cot sale warnings after death

Bednest bedside crib
Bednest bedside crib

Parents are being urged to stay away from second-hand Bednest cots over a safety risk following the death of a baby last year.

Buyers, charity shops and sellers are urged to be on the lookout for used Bednest bedside cribs on sale after the cot was linked by the West Sussex Coroner to the death of a baby last year.

The bedside crib

The bedside crib

The seven-week-old died after being found with her neck resting on the partially lowered side of the cot. The full inquest is due later in the year.

But following the death by asphyxia, Bednest Ltd which is based in Stratford released a modification kit to prevent the sides being partially lowered and remove any further risk.

And warnings are now out that many original designs could be on sale in second-hand shops across the country without these new safety instructions- in what could leave babies at risk.

Warwickshire County Council Trading Standards Service officers have put out a warning, with all shops urged to check stock and warn staff over the regulations and new instructions.

Check the modified instructions online at

Anyone who sees a Bednest crib on sale, either in a shop or online, can report it to Warwickshire Trading Standards on 03545 040506.

The company maintain the product was not unsafe but issued the modification as a precaution, accepting that experts believe there is a small but plausible risk of death or injury.