Ryton Organic in new Dementia Care Project

People taking part in a trial day of the new Dementia Care Project at Ryton Organic Gardens.
People taking part in a trial day of the new Dementia Care Project at Ryton Organic Gardens.

A new project to support people with dementia and their carers is being set up at Ryton Organic Gardens near Leamington.

Carers Trust Heart of England is launching its new Dementia Care Project, which aims to give people with dementia the opportunity to gain access to activities to promote enjoyment and stimulation, on September 14.

At Ryton Organic Gardens, this will include being involved in gardening tasks with the guidance of staff. The project will also provide a much needed break for the informal family carer.

Colette Bond, head of education at Garden Organic, said: “We know organic gardening offers great benefits for human health and wellbeing and we are delighted to be working with Carers Trust Heart of England to share this with their clients.”

A trial day of the project was recently held, involving four people with dementia and Carers Trust support staff. Garden Organic staff took participants on a tour of the gardens, before encouraging participation in gardening activities which included harvesting some peas and cherries.

The project is being supported by grants from Santander Foundation and the Eveson Charitable Trust.

Penny Collard MBE, chief executive at Carers Trust Heart of England, said: “This is an exciting new project for those people with dementia who are still relatively active but need support and guidance. The trial run was very successful so we are optimistic that we will be able to support many people and their carers with this partnership project.”

The trust says there are approximately 7,100 people living with dementia in Warwickshire and the number is estimated to increase. To find out more, visit www.carerstrusthofe.org.uk