Review: Dragon Slayer at Warwick Castle

Dragons are very much a hot topic right now.

Monday, 6th August 2018, 1:59 pm
Updated Friday, 31st August 2018, 5:19 pm
Dragon Slayer at Warwick Castle

Game of Thrones fans have been watching Daenerys Targaryen commanding the mythical beats to wreck fiery havoc on her enemies for several years now while youngsters have been given a more peaceful look at the creatures through Mike the Knight and the How to Train your Dragon films.

It's of no great surprise then that Warwick Castle has now taken the opportunity to base its latest evening and nighttime attraction around the winged monsters and adding a high fantasy twist to one of the castle's daytime offerings through the story of one of the historical site's legendary heroes Guy of Warwick.

The Dragon Slayer show tell's Guy's story through the highly skilled and talented Knights of Middle England display team.

Dragon Slayer at Warwick Castle. Photo by Andy Sallis.

Visitors are eased in with a brief, but always interesting, birds of prey display before being shepherded down to the site's jousting arena where the main action begins.

With the sun setting, the use of fire and smoke as the Knights team tell the tale of Guy's rise from unknown commoner to titular Dragon Slayer is all the more impressive.

Guy's adventure starts at a jousting tournament and takes him around the world where he carries out noble deeds and defeats various enemies before he returns to Warwick to take on the menacing and ferocious Dun Cow - all in aid of proving his valour to the woman he loves Lady Felice.

And just as Guy thinks the threat to Warwick is over and he and Felice can live happily ever after things take an even greater turn for the worst as news is brought to him of a dragon attacking the castle.

Dragon Slayer at Warwick Castle. Photo by Andy Sallis.

The evening concludes in a castle's courtyard with a spectacular laser show featuring Guy's epic battle with the dragon and the bitter sweet end of his story.

Tickets for the Dragon Slayer show range from £25 (bronze package) to £85 (gold package) and the show, with all it has to offer and its circa three-hour running time is certainly worth a large chunk of these prices.

Those who pay for the gold package will be treated to a banquet before the show but those who pay for the silver package (about £30) receive the equivalent to a light supper with one drink before hand it is worth bearing this in mind.

Those bringing small or younger children should also be aware that there is some queuing, standing and being shepherded in a large crowd involved and visibility in the jousting arena can be limited for them in certain parts of the show depending on where the action is taking place.

A picnic blanket is also recommended for sitting during the light show.

Overall though this is all worth it for a show that could well prove to be one of the highlights of the summer holidays for many adults and children alike.

Lots of people do like stories with dragons in them after all.

For more information about the show and tickets click here.