Reunion to be held for members and players from former Warwick football club

A Southam resident who used to play for a football club in Warwick is holding a reunion to bring all his old team-mates back together.

Friday, 22nd September 2017, 8:00 am
Photo of Paul Rees who is hosting a football reunion event late September/Earlier October. MHLC-05-09-17-footballreunionevent NNL-170509-183439009

Paul Rees, who grew up in Warwick and now lives in Southam, is organising the reunion for all those who played at Warwick West End Football Club.

The club was located near to Warwick Racecourse and Paul, his brothers and his dad were all involved with the team.

Paul played for the club for more than 30 years and he got the idea for the get-together after he bumped into former team-mates Pete Harrison, Colin Newton, Gary ‘Birtles’ Price and Rob Kelsey at the Foresters Arms pub in Warwick.

Paul, who has been diagnosed with Parkinson’s, said: “I saw them at the pub and they said that we should have a reunion for all the lads who played for West End, so now I am organising the big reunion.

“It’s nice that it is being held at the Foresters because that’s where we all used to go after our games – and now my daughter Sarah and her husband David Wilson run the pub.

“It would have been the 50th anniversary this year for the club, if it was still going.

“It would be lovely to meet all the ex-players.

“The event is for anyone who ever wore a Warwick West End shirt.”

Daughter Sarah added: “It’s great to have the reunion here because of the family link.

“It’s like we have come back home.”

The reunion will be taking place next Friday, September 29, at the pub, in Crompton Street, from 7.30pm.

Paul will also be holding a race night at the same venue in the near future to help raise money for the Parkinson’s UK charity.

The date will be confirmed soon.