Residents warned as April horse fair looms

Thickthorn Farm Kenilworth,  where the Horse Fair takes place. 'Ref: 08SEP149
Thickthorn Farm Kenilworth, where the Horse Fair takes place. 'Ref: 08SEP149
  • The Horse Fair takes place three times each year
  • Past problems include litter, anti-social behaviour issues and traffic chaos as hundreds turn out for the weekend event
  • Police have promised action will be taken against any disruptive behaviour

Major disruption could be on the way, warn officials as the town prepares for the year’s first horse fair next weekend.

The travellers’ fair will return to private land off Thickthorn roundabout over the weekend of April 26 in what is already predicted could bring traffic chaos to residents.

The notorious fair is held three times each year, with April’s event usually being the busiest and most problematic as hundreds of visitors flock to take part in activities over up to four days.

The last springtime event left residents fuming as the town was left covered in litter and gridlocked - with cars were abandoned over private roads and grass verges.

Reports also came in of ponies and traps being raced up Warwick Road, and pubs and shops closed their doors to avoid trouble.

Council officials have already sent out warnings to beware of an increase in traffic, while police have assured they will act to prevent anti-social behaviour and nuisance in the town centre.

Pete Cutts, safer communities manager at Warwick District Council said: “Residents and visitors to Kenilworth are advised that roads are expected to be exceptionally busy in the area due to the Kenilworth Horse Fair taking place.

“Warwick District Council has advised that traffic management plans are in place for the event and that enforcement action will be taken should any issues with parking arise.”

Last May, crime commissioner Ron Ball pledged to do all he could to stop any repeats of the chaos after meeting with the site landowner, county councillors Dave Shilton and Alan Cockburn and council liaison officer, Robert Leahy.

“I want to find a way to enable the fair to continue while avoiding the problems that arose during the last weekend in April,” he said.

Roads are expected to be exceptionally busy in the area

“Those problems are simply not acceptable.”

For further information, please contact Pete Cutts, on 01926 456021 or via email at