Recycling tip in the spotlight under cuts

Recycling centres are subject to revised opening hours
Recycling centres are subject to revised opening hours

Recyclers are urged to have their say over the future of Cherry Orchard waste centre before cuts threaten the future of the popular service.

Warwickshire County Council is asking for all users of the household waste centre to log on and have their say, letting them know how often they use the facilities and for what purposes.

Cllr Dave Shilton explained that with ongoing budget restraints and cuts, the survey will help determine what can and will remain open.

“This is an area which is being looked at,” he said. “But as far as I am concerned, Cherry Orchard should remain open and we should state that.”

He said any reduction in hours could lead to fly tipping which would incur more costs to the council than paying to have the facility staffed for its current hours.

Cllr Felicity Bunker said it was an “important” service which should be protected - as well as charges for those living outside the town looked into to fund opening hours.

The council will make an official response to the consultation, and urge residents to have a say this month.

Visit survey to have a say.