Problem solving for Tiny Techs

Young children have been learning skills to tackle technology and solve problems thanks to a local business initiative.

Sunday, 3rd April 2016, 8:00 am
tiny Techs

Tiny Techs, set up by The Emerald Group CEO Sarah Windrum, is an initiative aimed at getting children aged four to seven excited by technology.

In a first session, the children were introduced to microcontrollers – small single circuit computers. By building simple robots they learnt how microcontrollers can co-ordinate motors in order to create movement. By the end of the session they had made their robots dance using a basic computer program.

Sarah explained: “There are a lot of initiatives focused on teaching children to code, but I believe the most important skill our children can learn for the future is how to identify problems and how to use technology to build solutions.

“By building a robot and programming it to dance, the children saw how building anything always begins as raw material and goes through several cycles before it becomes a finished article.”

Funded and run by volunteers from The Emerald Group, the business is keen to encourage more young people to take up a career in STEM (science, technology, engineering, mathematics) by capturing their attention and imagination.

More support and funding for the initiative is welcome.

To help contact Sarah at The Emerald Group on 01926 452 462 or email [email protected]