Meet the general election candidates for the Kenilworth and Southam seat: Jeremy Wright (Conservative)

Jeremy Wright
Jeremy Wright

We asked all the general election candidates standing for the Kenilworth and Southam seat to submit 300 words on why you should vote for them.

This is the pitch from Jeremy Wright, representing the Conservatives (all the other candidates can be found on our website):

I am standing for re-election as your Member of Parliament because I believe our area should have an effective local MP. Since the last election, the new railway station I helped to deliver in Kenilworth has opened and the level of service from it is already increasing. I have also helped to deliver the funding for a new secondary school in the town and a new medical centre in Wellesbourne. My family and I live in this constituency, we use the local NHS and my children go to local state schools. I want to see more money spent on local public services and a Conservative government will do that, keeping the economy strong so we have the money to invest.

Our country should also have an effective government. We are having this election because Parliament is at stalemate on Brexit. We had a referendum in 2016. A majority of those who voted decided we should leave the EU, a decision almost all politicians promised they would enact. It’s time to keep that promise. I believe we should leave the EU, as the electorate has instructed, but do so with a Withdrawal Agreement that makes our exit smoother and allows our businesses to carry on trading freely with Europe. That is what I have voted for repeatedly in Parliament and only a majority Conservative government will get Brexit done with a deal so our country can move on and address other issues.

There are many other things this election should be about, and your candidates should be prepared to discuss them with you face to face. That’s why I am holding public meetings throughout the constituency where you can raise what matters to you. You can find the details at

I am proud of the help I have been able to give hundreds of constituents with individual problems. I hope you will give me the chance to continue to serve you as your MP.