Meet the general election candidates for the Kenilworth and Southam seat: Anthony Tucker (Labour)

Anthony Tucker.
Anthony Tucker.

We asked all the general election candidates standing for the Kenilworth and Southam seat to submit 300 words on why you should vote for them.

This is the pitch from Anthony Tucker, representing the Labour Party (all the other candidates can be found on our website):

Our country needs real change. I want to bring the fresh start that Kenilworth and Southam deserves.

Labour will invest in our community. Instead of bank closures, empty high street shops and rising crime, a Labour government will create thousands of high-wage, high-skilled jobs in a Green Industrial Revolution.

In place of the failed austerity that the Conservatives and Liberal Democrats have delivered over the last nine years, Labour will deliver affordable and social housing to solve the housing crisis. We will make sure the NHS has the money it needs, fund education properly and keep the Winter Fuel Allowance, free TV licences and bus passes for pensioners.

Labour will protect our communities by putting 20,000 police officers back on the beat. What’s more we will introduce a Real Living Wage to end the scandal of in-work poverty, provide the housing and support that veterans and their families deserve.

We will do this without increasing VAT, or raising income tax or National Insurance for 95% of earners. By asking the very wealthiest to contribute their fair share, we’ll revive our public services without the sort of reckless borrowing that’s seen the Conservatives add £610 billion to our national debt.

What’s more, we will trust the people and let Brexit be decided in a public vote. Not only will we prevent Britain from crashing out, we’ll make sure that any second referendum is a fair choice between leaving with an agreed deal and remaining in the EU.

Don’t forget: every vote for the Greens or the Liberal Democrats helps the Tories to win, and implement a catastrophic No Deal Brexit, and yet more years of austerity. For a fairer, safer community, in a Britain at peace with itself once again, vote Labour on December 12.