Kenilworth Town Council seeking input from public on Warwick Road Safety Scheme

County and town officials hope to make Warwick Road in Kenilworth more safe for pedestrians and cyclists.

Wednesday, 18th September 2019, 4:34 pm
Pedestrian crossing on Warwick Road

But before they can do that the Kenilworth Town Council will host a public consultation about the ways the street can be made more safe for pedestrians.

The public consultation will be held from 10am to 12pm on Saturday September 28 in the Kenilworth Town Council Chambers at Jubilee House near Abbey End of Kenilworth.

Leader of the Kenilworth Town Council, Cllr John Dearing, said: “ I think Kenilworth residents will have a variety of views about how to make Warwick Road safer for pedestrians and cyclists so we are hoping that the options will inform them about the choices.

Pedestrian crossing in Warwick Road

“We really want as many people as possible to look at the proposals and to make comments.”

The public consultation will be the only opportunity to scrutinize the plans in detail and ask questions directly of the county safety team.

Cllr Dearing added: “Warwick Road is Kenilworth’s busiest thoroughfare for shoppers, pedestrians and traffic. It’s vitally important that as many people as possible have a chance to consider these alternative safety schemes.”

Cllr Dearing said there have been public safety concerns for pedestrians on Warwick Road.

He added: “There have fortunately been no fatalities, but 11 accidents have been recorded with 12 casualties, four of them serious. The majority of casualties were pedestrians.”

There are three alternative schemes involving a combination of tabled crossings, wider foot ways and bollards.

Warwickshire County Cllr Alan Cockburn, who represents Kenilworth St Johns, said: “This is coming from my county councillor’s delegated budget as the WCC road safety team have recommended this as a worthwhile scheme to support in view of Warwick Road’s accident record.”

Written comments and preferences can be made during the public consultation on Saturday 28th September and at any time by emailing [email protected]

A spokesperson for Warwickshire County Council said: “In conjunction with Kenilworth Town Council, Warwickshire County Council (WCC) have designed three options for a traffic calming scheme along Warwick Road.

“This is a result of the number of pedestrians involved in road traffic accidents and the objective of the scheme is to reduce this number.

“The three options all include physical measures with the aim of reducing the speed of vehicles.

“WCC and the Town Council are keen to hear residents views before one of the options is decided upon.”