Police seize Leamington drug money after court order


Police have seized over £6,000 in drugs cash from two Leamington men.

Drugs paraphernalia and £6,100.50 in cash was seized under the Proceeds of Crime Act after a district judge sitting at Leamington Magistrates Court ordered the forfeiture on Friday.

The money was partially seized from two Leamington men after a warrant was executed in September last year at a flat in High Street,

Neither of who attended the hearing to oppose the application and neither has been named, and both were arrested and released without charge before the court hearing.

A total of £1,500 in cash was seized from one of the men the day after the warrant was issued.

Heroin, crack cocaine and a premixed adulterant were all removed from the flat - having a combined estimated value of around £7,000.

Officers also confiscated a set of scales, cling film, and cigarette papers consistent with the weighing and packaging of powdered drugs.

Over £800, predominantly in £1 and £2 coins were also recovered.

Robert Turner from Warwickshire Police said: “The way this operation was planned and executed is a good example of the lengths Warwickshire Police and West Mercia Police will go to in tackling serious and organised crime.

“The £6,000 in cash which had been obtained through criminal activity was removed from those who stood to benefit from it.”

A further £3,000 in cash was later seized from an address in Birmingham, under the proceeds of crime act.

Anyone with information on drug activity should contact police on 101.