Warwick well-being company opens up facilities for community

Forever Living UK is based in Longbridge Manor in Warwick. Photo supplied.
Forever Living UK is based in Longbridge Manor in Warwick. Photo supplied.

Well-being company Forever Living has opened up its meeting and training facilities to local businesses and community groups.

Forever Living UK, which is based in Longbridge Manor in Warwick, is offering local businesses and community groups the use of its training and meetings rooms.

Hellen Empson, Head of Facilities, said: “It can be difficult for smaller businesses to find affordable meetings and training facilities in the area.

“We have a fully equipped training room that can hold up to 100 and a meeting room that can host up to 30, with parking on-site and catering facilities.

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“We also have a marquee that is on-site from May to September where we host a number of events but as it’s there for a few months we thought that local businesses or community groups might want to take advantage of it for social events in our beautiful grounds.

"All that we would ask is for a charitable donation to our global charity Rise Against Hunger.”

For more information contact Hellen on 01926 626 600 to find out more, or email hellenempson@flp.ltd

Funds raised during the course of the year by Forever Living UK pay for the meals that are packed at the annual meal-packing event.

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Last year 130,000 meals were packed thanks to the help of the community and local businesses and this year it is hoped that number will be even greater.

This year’s meal-packing event will be held on August 31.

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Globally, Forever Living has pledged to pack five million meals for the world’s most vulnerable and has packed 2.7 million meals so far.