Stop HS2 protest campers at Cubbington Wood served with notice to vacate

Campers at the Cubbington Wood
Campers at the Cubbington Wood

Campaigners with the Stop HS2 group received a formal notice to vacate the Cubbington Wood property by officials with the high-speed rail HS2 today (Friday October 11).

Kenilworth resident, Joe Rukin, the Stop HS2 campaign manager who confirmed receipt of the notice.

Campers at the Cubbington Wood

Campers at the Cubbington Wood

The notice to vacate said: "The Secretary of State for Transport ("the landowner") is entitled to possession of the land you are occupying and known as land lying to the south of Rugby Road, Cubbington, Leamington Spa, ("the land).

"You are trespassing on the land, putting your own safety at risk and your presence is preventing the landowner from lawfully using the land.

"You are hearby required to cease trespassing on the land and remove all items placed in and or upon the land and to make good any damage caused immediately.

"If you do not cease trespassing, action will be taken to recover possession from you."

The notice also said should the occupiers have any issue with the landowners decision to repossess the land at Cubbington Wood they should contact Eversheds Sutherland law practice.

People set up camp late last month in the Cubbington Wood in an effort to stop contractors with the high-speed rail HS2 from felling any of the trees.

Matt Bishop, with the Walk the Line - Stop HS2 group who has organised the Cubbington Wood Protest Camp, told the KWN: “This is the only way to stop it. The government has announced a review. But HS2 has a get out clause.

“I'm not really sure this government review means a thing. It's only because we're here they're not felling any trees.”

After the camp started officials with HS2 announced they would not remove any ancient trees in 2019.

Instead, they will continue preparing work sites and hold off on removing trees until at least 2020.

HS2 announced work will be deferred to autumn or winter 2020 on five of the 11 ancient woodland sites, and to early 2020 on six of the other sites.

The five ancient woodland sites to be deferred until early 2020 include Birches Wood, Broadwells Wood, Crackley Wood, Fulfen Wood, South Cubbington Wood and an unnamed Woodland south of Ashow Road.

The general clearance work in Warwickshire will begin in mid-October off Welsh Road near Southam setting up a compound in that location.