Stop HS2 campaigners to hold peaceful protest walk at Cubbington Wood

Stop HS2 campaigners will hold a peaceful protest walk today (Monday February 10) to highlight the destruction of Cubbington Wood.

Sunday, 9th February 2020, 3:05 pm
Updated Sunday, 9th February 2020, 3:06 pm
Stop HS2 camp in Cubbington Wood

Campaigners from the Stop HS2 group are calling for people to bring their families and friends to the protest walk.

People who would like to take part in the peaceful protest walk will be meeting at the Kings Head pub in Church Hill, Cubbington.

The peaceful protest walk has been scheduled for 10.30am to 3.30pm.

Stop HS2 camp in Cubbington Wood shortly after it was launched late last year

Matt Bishop, the founder of the Stop HS2 camp in Cubbington Wood, said the following through a post on the Save Cubbington Wood - Stop HS2 Facebook page: "Its the day before Boris Johnson and the Cabinet meet to discuss HS2, and a good turn out will help send a message."

Stop HS2 campaigners launched a camp at Cubbington Wood in October last year, and a few later launched another similar protest camp in Crackley Wood.

Three Stop HS2 protesters who are trying to halt clearance works on the high-speed rail project from taking place near Leamington were arrested by Warwickshire police late last month.

The arrests were made after protesters had started a camp at Welsh Road in an effort to stop HS2 workers from felling the trees and hedgerows in the area between Offchurch and Bascote.

Stop HS2 camp in Cubbington Wood

More than 60 people from all across the country, including protesters from Extinction Rebellion UK and the Stop HS2 campaign, responded to a call for help made on social media to the Welsh Road work site.

One of the three people arrested, Matt Bishop, returned back to the camp the day after being arrested.

Matt said: "We were arrested for breach of the peace and held in cells for the day. Our goal is to stop the countryside from being destroyed."

Protesters at the Stop HS2 camp in Cubbington Wood