Rock prodigy wows millions with wild radio guitar solo

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A 10-year-old guitar hero has wowed the nation after appearing on breakfast radio to show off his skills.

Toby Lee strummed out a piece by rock band, AC/DC as part of the on the ‘Kids Fanfare’ session on the Chris Evans’ Breakfast Show.

With an audience of over nine million, the Crackley Hall maestro was described by Evans as “a natural”, pulling in huge online support.

The rock mad youngster is no stranger to online fame with a video of him performing being shared by a Seattle radio station and securing 500,000 views in 72 hours.

“I just love playing,” said Toby. “Music is where I want to be to follow in the footsteps of the all-time greats.”

Toby is in the final of Young Banbury Musician of the Year and plays with Princethorpe College’s School of Rock.