Public consultation on Warwick Castle's masterplan

Warwick Castle is hosting a public consultation on its masterplan over three days.

Tuesday, 3rd September 2019, 4:30 pm
Warwick Castle GV

The team at the castle have been working on the masterplan with Warwick District Council and the public consultation is to get further feedback prior to finalising the document and asking for the Council’s broad support of it.

The plan lays out the thoughts and ideas the team behind the castle is thinking it might pursue over the next five to ten years.

The projects cover the heritage maintenance programme, infrastructure needs and development of the castle as an attractive and relevant venue for both heritage and family visitors.

Warwick Castle GV

Each project would have a separate planning application and public consultation where relevant.

Warwick Castle have previously presented an early version to Warwick Town Council, the Conservation Area Forum and their Neighbours Forum group.

The public consultation will be hosted at the castle on Saturday (September 7) and Sunday (September 8) from 9am to midday and Monday (September 9) from 5pm to 7pm.

People looking to visit should make their way to the main entrance and they will be directed from there.

A group from the castle will also be available to answer questions and take comments.

Nick Blofeld, divisional director of Warwick Castle said: “This masterplan has evolved whilst we have been working on it, and I hope those that attend will find it useful and informative.

"There will be a number of displays laying out the key projects and ideas we may develop over the coming years, with an overview of the design principles and our thinking and more details on specific areas and projects.

"We would like to see plenty of people come and have a look and give us their thoughts and ask any questions.”

According to the castle the plan is a way ‘to make Warwick Castle more appealing to the heritage, family and trade markets’ as well as ‘sympathetically’ improving the site.

Among restoration projects, there are potentially contentious items including a proposed hotel.

The plan also includes projects such as a cafe in Long Walk, new accommodation in Guy’s Tower and extending or expanding the Stables gift shop.