Plans for two new apartment conversions in Kenilworth receive objections from the town's planning committee

The Kenilworth Town Council's planning committee raised objections for two significant developments in town, including controversial plans to turn a single property into seven apartments.

The town's planning committee considered several planning applications last night's (Thursday February 6) meeting held at Jubilee House in Abbey End, Kenilworth.

Drawing of proposed plans to turn property in Barrowfield Lane into seven apartments.

Drawing of proposed plans to turn property in Barrowfield Lane into seven apartments.

Plans to demolish a property in Barrowfield Lane of Kenilworth and replace it with seven apartments and the conversion of the former Earl Clarendon pub building into four flats were among the applications considered by the council's planning committee.

The objections will be considered by planning officers at Warwick District Council.

If planning officers think the applications should proceed they will need to go before the Warwick District Planning Committee where residents and local councillors can speak.

Cllr Andrew Milton, a member of the town's planning committee said on social media: "There were objections based on breaches to the local and neighbourhood plans in relation to the Highfield in Barrowfield Lane."

Former Earl Clarendon pub building in Warwick Road, Kenilworth

Former Earl Clarendon pub building in Warwick Road, Kenilworth

Several members of the public from the Barrowfield Lane neighbourhood, who object to seven apartment development, attended the planning meeting.

The site is bordered to the north and west by residential dwellings, to the south by Highfield Close and to the east by Barrowfield Lane.

More than a dozen objections have been submitted against the application in the Warwick District Council's planning portal.

One of the objections submitted earlier this week said the following: "The almost 'star' shaped plan represents the most unsustainable possible design.

"The length of the perimeter wall is hugely excessive when compared to any rectangular plan meaning material quantities are excessively wasteful. On the completed building this would then create excessive lengths of external wall through which heat can escape.

"This fact makes a complete mockery of other sustainable elements offered by the applicant. This application seems completely incongruous with the street scene, and style of properties in the area. The proposed materials are completely unsympathetic to the intrinsic materials of the area.

Some of the other objections include how the proposed development will be located adjacent to a listed building called The Old School house built in 1724. The resident who submitted the objection is concerned about the impact on the listed building, which attracts tourists throughout the year.

The objection also said a modern apartment block would not fit with the history of Kenilworth and consequently create negative impact on the town.

The town's planning committee also raised objections against plans submitted by a Leamington-based development company to turn the old Earl Clarendon pub building into four apartments at its 127 Warwick Road location.

Cllr Milton added: "There were objections based on concerns primarily relating to traffic and parking in regard to the Earl Clarendon in Warwick Road."

Some of the other objections included concerns around the width of the electric car park points.

Statements of support have been submitted by two companies on behalf of the Leamington developers.

The supporting statement said the proposed apartment scheme will provide six dedicated parking spaces to the rear of the building for the four apartments, all of which will be provided with an electric charging point.