New speed limit and traffic calming measures proposed for Warwick estate

A new speed limit and traffic calming measures have been proposed for an estate in Warwick.

Monday, 2nd December 2019, 11:51 am

Warwickshire County Council is proposing to install a new 20mph zone in the Chase Meadow area of the town.

The council listed a public notice in this week's Leamington and Warwick Courier (November 29 edition) detailing the areas which could be in the new speed limit.

As well as a new speed limit there are also proposals to introduce speed humps/cushions/tables.

A new speed limit has been proposed for an estate in Warwick.

Speaking about the new 20mph limit, John Holland, a county councillor for Warwick, said: "This is part of the safer routes to schools plans.

"This is a scheme that I have been working on for several years but the first 20mph zone in Warwick was achieved by Newburgh School by my predecessor Raj Randev in 2001. Since then we have got 20mph limits in other parts of Warwick.

"This speed zone is part of a larger comprehensive scheme to improve safety for children but we are also looking at other measures that could be introduced such as addressing concerns about the children getting across Gogbrook on their way to school.

"This would be a first to have a 20mph in the whole of the estate.

Cllr John Holland. Photo submitted

"The residents are very strongly in favour of this and if all goes well I hope that the 20mph could be introduced next year."

A spokesperson from Warwickshire County Council said: "The scheme involves introducing a 20 mph Speed Limit through the Chase Meadow Estate in Warwick. This will consist of Speed limit signs being installed on Purser Drive/Tapping Way and Edgehill Drive.

"The signs on the entrance to the Speed limit were designed by pupils from Aylesford School and this was dealt with by a previous colleague of mine Haresh Kumar.

"The scheme will also include Speed cushions and Speed Humps. The Speed Cushions are located on the entrance into the speed limit change on Tapping Way and Purser Drive at appropriate distances for the speed limit to be self enforcing.

"The Speed Humps are located on Tapping Way on the approach to Aylesford School at appropriate distances for the Speed Limit to be self enforcing.

"The consultation period is currently ongoing and the final date for responses is 20.12.2019.

"If we have no objections to the proposals we will be looking at delivering the scheme next year, hopefully before March 2020 depending on contractors availability."

Here is where the proposed changes could be made

The new speed limit would be implemented in:

Purser Drive from its junction with Narrow Hall Meadow to 27 metres south of the A4189 Hampton Road

Tapping Way from its junction with John Scott Way to a distance of 27 metres east of its junction with Little Fields Close

Edge Hill Drive for 43 metres from its junction with Hardwick Field in an easterly direction

The 20mph zone would also be installed on the entire length of the following roads:

~ Carroll Drive

~ Great Field Drive

~ Thomas Hardy Way

~ Twain Gardens

~ Jonson Avenue

~ Emerson Close

~ Alcott Close

~ Teasdale Place

~ John Scott Way

~ Bosworth Avenue

~ Agincourt Road

~ Leylands Way

~ Pasture Way

~ The Marish

~ Glover Close

~ Arnold Place

~ Shelley Avenue

~ Yeats Drive

~ Whitman Way

~ Alder Meadow

~ Wilton Drive

~ Hickmans Green Close

~ Swan Meadow

~ Little Field Close

~ Dovehouse Close

~ Price Close West

~Bromhurst Way

~ Young Close

~ Meakins Close

~ Dey Croft

~ Blackbades Boulevard

~ Farzens Avenue

~ Priors Grove Close

~ Lee Meadowe

~ Shreres Dyche

~ Byron Avenue

~ Narrow Hall Meadow

~ Claypits Boulevard

~ The Furr Marsh

~ Lovell Field Close

~ Goggbridge Lane

~ Penney Lane

~ Torres Close

~ Jacombe Close

~ Morecroft Drive

~ Wake Grove

~ Turner Close

~ Pyree Square

~ Rogers Way

~ Lynnon Field

~ Verden Avenue

~ Price Close East

~ Mander Grove

~ Robins Grove

~ Gogbrook Cycleway

~ Freers Mews

~ Hardwick Field Lane

Location of speed humps/cushions/tables

Tapping Way

Two speed cushions 17 metres to the west of its junction with Littlefield Close

One speed hump 75m north-easterly from junction with Narrow Hall Meadow

One speed hump 168 metres north-easterly from junction with Narrow Hall Meadow

Purser Drive

Two speed cushions 16 metres south of its junction with Verden Avenue

Two speed cusions 64 metres south of its junction with Verden Avenue

Copies of the proposed order can be viewed at the main reception in Shire Hall in Warwick and at the District Council Offices at Riverside House in Leamington.