New public defibrillator for Kenilworth brings total for town to 13

The “Saving Lives in Kenilworth” campaign driven by local charity Kenilworth HeartSafe has taken another step forward with the installation of a new defibrillator outside the Kenilworth Fire Station.

The new Automatic External Defibrillator (AED) was funded through support of three Warwickshire County Councillors. Councillors Alan Cockburn, John Cooke and Dave Shilton each allocated part of their discretionary funds to meet the costs of acquiring and installing the AED.

Neil Morris, a trustee with Kenilworth HeartSafe, Councillor Dave Shilton, Councillor Alan Cockburn, Station Commander Rob Hartrick and Councillor John Cooke

Neil Morris, a trustee with Kenilworth HeartSafe, Councillor Dave Shilton, Councillor Alan Cockburn, Station Commander Rob Hartrick and Councillor John Cooke

Warwickshire County Cllr Cockburn said: “My colleagues and I are delighted to support this very worthwhile cause which is helping to keep safe people who live in, work in and visit Kenilworth.

"The UK has a lower survival rate for people suffering cardiac arrests than in many other countries and the work being done by Kenilworth HeartSafe is helping to address that in our community”.

Cllr Andy Crump, Portfolio Holder for Fire & Rescue and Community Safety said: “I’m pleased that this most vital of life saving pieces of equipment has been installed at Kenilworth Fire Station.

"With more than 30,000 cardiac arrests outside of hospital each year in the UK, it is a serious and widespread problem. The greater the access to defibrillators, the safer our communities are, so more equipment of this type in Warwickshire is fantastic news.”

Keith Grierson, Chairman Kenilworth HeartSafe(4th from left) and staff member from the Kenilworth Fire Station

Keith Grierson, Chairman Kenilworth HeartSafe(4th from left) and staff member from the Kenilworth Fire Station

Kenilworth HeartSafe Trustee Neil Morris said: “We are extremely grateful to the three councillors for their support of Kenilworth HeartSafe and to Warwickshire Fire and Rescue Service for 'hosting' the AED at Kenilworth Fire Station.

"This brings to 13 the number of AED’s in and around Kenilworth which are registered with the emergency services as being available for public use 24/7.

"We have now more than doubled the number of AED’s that were registered before Kenilworth HeartSafe came into being in 2018.

"We have other sites under review and will be announcing further AED’s in the community in the very near future – moving towards our goal of having an AED within 400 metres of all areas of high footfall in and around the town, an ambition we are hoping to achieve by the end of 2020.

"In driving for this goal, we welcome approaches from organisations within the community which already own AED’s for internal use and which may be willing to relocate them to a specialist cabinet on an external wall and make them accessible to the public 24/7.

"We also welcome approaches from residents and organisations with their suggestions for host sites that would fit within the criteria of being within 400 metres of high footfall areas.

"Our other major focus is to ensure that a significant number of people in our community are trained in the use of AED’s should the need ever arise to come to the assistance of someone who has had a cardiac arrest."

In addition the monthly monthly public training programme of (CPR) courses offered by Kenilworth HeartSafe at Abbey Medical Centre they are now reaching out to groups of people through social and networking groups to offer bespoke CPR courses at times and venues to suit them.

Neil with Kenilworth HeartSafe added: "Without immediate CPR and defibrillation when cardiac arrest occurs the chances of survival are less than 5 per cent. Survival rates drop seven to 10 per cent for every minute without appropriate CPR / AED support and permanent brain damage can be incurred within 10 minutes.

"In 2018 NHS England reported that the ambulance service attempted to resuscitate 28,000 people who had suffered a cardiac arrest and the survival rate was greatest where early CPR/AED attention had been given by the public in 40 to 45 per cent of those cases.

"In Holland 60 per cent of cases are supported by the public before the emergency services arrive and in Norway it is as high as 73 per cent both with a higher overall survival rate as a consequence of early public intervention.

"Our aim is to ensure that Kenilworth and its environs is one of the safest areas of the country when it comes to the preservation of life.”

For more information about Kenilworth HeartSafe including the location of all AED’s in and around Kenilworth, its CPR training programme and ways of making donations to support the “Saving Lives in Kenilworth” campaign can be found at

The charity's website is going live later today (Friday January 31).

The public defibrillators in the town and surrounding area include:

- Abbey Medical Centre (42 Station Road - HeartSafe Training Centre)

- Holiday Inn (Abbey End Kenilworth)

- St Nicholas School (Priory Road, Kenilworth)

- Kenilworth Fire Station (16 School Lane, Kenilworth)

- Kenilworth Cricket Club (Warwick Road, Kenilworth)

- Hearns Furniture Strore (102 Warwick Road, Kenilworth)

- Kenilworth Allotment Tenants Association (Odibourne Allotments in Park Road, Kenilworth)

- Kings Table Cafe ( 44 Warwick Road, Kenilworth)

- Kenilworth Lions Club (Kenilworth Lions Club in Farmer Ward Road)

- Leek Wootton Community Centre (War Memorial Recreation Ground in Warwick Road, Leek Wootton)

- Burton Green Community Centre (Burton Green Village Hall in Hodgetts Lane, Burton Green)

- Ashow Village (Red phone box located near Long Row and Church Lane in Ashow)

- Stoneleigh Village (Red phone box in the village centre green)