Man grateful for Kenilworth people who came to aid of disabled wife

Carmel and William Roe
Carmel and William Roe

An Exhall man who recently visited Kenilworth for a day out with his wife has praised the people of the town after they came their aid during a dramatic fall in Warwick Road.

William Roe, aged 84, has been the carer for his disabled wife, 87-year-old Carmel Roe, for the past 24 years.

Walker for Carmen Roe, which is nick-named Chariot of Fire II

Walker for Carmen Roe, which is nick-named Chariot of Fire II

Mr Roe said: “As it was a nice sunny day and my wife was having one of her better days we thought it would be nice to have a run out to Kenilworth, enjoy the shops and a spot of lunch.”

Mr Roe wrote into the Kenilworth Weekly News to thank the people of Kenilworth for coming to the rescue after they had an accident near the pedestrian crossing outside Boothroyd & Company estate agents in Warwick Road. His wife fell while using her walker as she crossed the road, and Mr Roe fell while trying to save his wife.

Mr Roe added: “I have to say the people of Kenilworth were magnificent in offering help and care, especially Sue Porter from Boothroyds, and passing paramedic Rob, who really deserves a medal.”

Several other people stopped to help the couple in their time of need.

Boothroyd & Company estate agents in Warwick Road in Kenilworth

Boothroyd & Company estate agents in Warwick Road in Kenilworth

The couple's visible wounds were treated by Rob and assisted by a nurse who happened to be passing. Rob helped make sure the couple safely made it back to their car. The couple, who escaped without serious injury, was later checked out at their local doctor's surgery.

Mr Roe added: “I wanted to show our gratitude to the wonderful kind folk of Kenilworth at this distressing time for us.

“If only I had the names of all those involved, I may not but I shall always remember their faces and kindness.”

The incident happened after the wheels of his wife's walker, which is nick-named Chariot of Fire II as her wheelchair is called Chariot of Fire I, went into what appeared to be a groove beside a drain and the walker tipped forward and sideways.

Mr Roe reached for his wife but was too late as she fell backwards across the arm of the walker landing on her left side across the pavement with her head down towards the kerb side.

As Mr Roe attempted to help his wife he also fell backwards hitting his elbow on a nearby shop front and grazing his leg on the pavement.

Mr Roe suggested local authorities check the drain in the pavement in an effort to prevent other similar accidents near the pedestrian crossing in Warwick Road.

He added: “We were just so touched by all the wonderful reaction of the folk in Kenilworth and will never forget how concerned and caring they all were.”