Leamington event organisers to take stricter measures after complaints about antisemitic bike

The organisers behind a Leamington event where a bike was spotted with swastikas and Holocaust imagery have said there will be stricter measures going forward.

Yesterday (Tuesday) The Courier and KWN shared a story about a bike being spotted with swastikas and Holocaust imagery at the Bikerlott event in Old Town on August 4.

Darren Bernstein, a visitor to the event spotted the bike, which featured a SS death's head, swastikas, the gates of Auschwitz and a KKK number plate, and was shocked to see it at a public event and said that it being there was normalising racism.

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He complained to the organisers via Facebook and also contacted Warwick District Council about the bike. Police are also investigating the bike.

Members of Leamington Old Town Ltd (LOTT), who organised the event, had a meeting with Warwick District Council last night (Tuesday) about the bike.

Speaking after the meeting Sandy Hunter, Director, LOTT (Leamington Old Town Ltd), said: "We agree that any sort of material of this nature is abhorrent and we do not condone any racism of any form.

"Had we have been approached by the complainant on the day regarding this bike and its offensive insignias, we would have asked the owner to remove it from the event.

"We have discussed this at great length with the council and we all agree that in future robust preventative action will be taken in the form of press release and notice on Social media prior to the event.

"The message that we will be publishing will stress that no bikes with similar insignia will be allowed at the event under any circumstances. We have replied to the complainant in a similar nature."

A spokesperson from Warwick District Council said: "Warwick District Council takes complaints of this nature very seriously and condemns this offensive material in the strongest possible terms.

"In addition to the individual complaint that was raised with the event organisers for Bikerlott 2019 – Leamington Old Town Ltd - we have met with them to discuss the incident.

"Following this meeting we have agreed that decisive preventative action will be taken ahead of the next event to ensure that no bikes with similar insignia will be allowed to take part under any circumstances.

"In addition, we will be developing further robust events guidance to share with future event organisers."