Kind owner of Leamington salon brings Christmas miracle to staff at other business who lost jobs with 'immediate effect'

The kind owner of a Leamington salon has performed a Christmas miracle by employing staff from another salon who lost their jobs with immediate effect.

Friday, 20th December 2019, 4:07 pm
Updated Friday, 20th December 2019, 4:07 pm

On December 4 the team at the Regis Salon in the lower mall of the Royal Priors Shopping Centre found out they they were being made redundant with immediate effect.

Despite having to face losing their jobs weeks before Christmas, three staff members were given a Christmas miracle when Liz Usher, owner of the Vogue International salon in Tavistock Street, took them on.

Liz, who has run her Leamington business for nearly 30 years, took on Toni Rowles, who was manager at Regis, Jenny Poulter and Michelle Van Der Linde who were creative directors at Regis.

Left to right shows: Toni Rowles, Sarah Handscombe, Liz Usher, Michelle Van Der Linde, Jenny Poulter, Lewis Jones in Vogue International in Leamington.

Toni said: "They came in on December 4 and told us were were all being made redundant with immediate effect and without any warning.

"The girls were absolutely devastated. It was before Christmas and we didn't have any other jobs to go to.

"We were told that we could relocate but it would be to Birmingham or Solihull and it's difficult to take clients that far out.

"I got in touch with Liz at Vogue International - we had known each other in business well - and I called her and told what happened and she said she would be able to help us.

"She just rescued us.

"She expanded her business recently as she had taken on three new members of staff before we came and she said that with us coming into the business she decided that she will open another premises next door.

"She made her business bigger for us. She took us on, supported us and she has changed our lives for the better.

"By joining Liz this is a big step up for us and we were ready for the challenge. This is a super opportunity for us to grow into the team, which is a real blessing."

Liz said: "I didn't realise the impact of rescuing them, I just thought 'I will take them in'.

"I am overwhelmed that they chose me out of all the shops in Leamington."

The former Regis staff also wanted to let their customers know that they are still in Leamington and that they can visit them at Vogue International.

Toni added: "We want to let our customers know that we are still in Leamington and still in the community. We also want to say sorry for how the closure of Regis has affected all our customers and we would like to apologise for that.

"But as a token of our appreciation we will be offering promotions in the new year and so look forward to seeing you."

To book an appointment at Vogue International call 01926 889738.