Kenilworth woman to share experiences from ocean plastics research mission

The Kenilworth All Together Greener group will host local sailing enthusiast who will share her experiences from the eXXpedition ocean plastics research mission and sailing voyage in the Caribbean.

Nathalie Moreau will talk about her role in the all-woman citizen science project aimed at raising awareness of, and finding solutions to, the issue of plastics in the oceans.

The eXXpedition is a round-the-world trip lasting two years, from October 2019 to September 2021.​

It is an adventurous all-women sailing expedition which circumnavigates the globe with the aim of raising awareness of the devastating environmental and health impacts of single-use plastics in the world’s ocean.

By 2050 there will be more plastic in the oceans than fish (by weight).

The expedition will include 38,000 nautical miles (70,000 kilometres) and will involve women of all backgrounds to highlight the reality and risks of plastics and toxins in the oceans and explore solutions to tackle this problem.

Nathalie took part in the fourth leg of the expedition during November and December 2019 from Antigua in the Caribbean, to Bonaire and Aruba.

The boat had already completed the three legs, from the UK via the Azores and through the North Atlantic Gyre (which sadly also is the North Atlantic Garbage Patch).

The free event will be held at The Kenilworth Centre, Abbey End at 7.30pm on Wednesday January 8.

Nathalie has lived in Kenilworth for the last 20 years.

Nathalie Moreau

Nathalie Moreau

As a student in Brussels, Nathalie enjoyed sailing various boats such as Lasers, Hobbie Cats and Darts inland and on shore.

In the UK she briefly owned a boat. Only three years ago she was able to enjoy sailing again.

Nathalie has always supported wildlife and environmental charities and is now taking on a new challenge to actively take part in the plastics-in-oceans cause.

Joining eXXpedition is a unique opportunity to combine three of her passions into one, which includes women empowerment, the future of the planet for many generations and sailing.