Kenilworth mayor launches anti-plastics scheme

Kenilworth Mayor Alison Firth
Kenilworth Mayor Alison Firth

The Mayor of Kenilworth launched an anti-plastics scheme this week – a five-point plan coordinated through the Surfers Against Sewage charity.

The mayor, Cllr Alison Firth, and Verity Thompson, who are community leaders for the scheme, presented the plan earlier this week to the Kenilworth All Together Greener (KATG) group.

The groups will join forces forming an informal partnership to reach a Plastic-Free Community status.

Cllr Firth and Verity presented the five objectives needed to reach the Plastic Free Community status earlier this week to the latest KATG meeting.

She said: “We just want to raise awareness.”

The five objectives include a local council passing a resolution supporting the journey to Plastic-Free Community status, working with businesses in the community to help them reduce single-use plastics, inspire the wider community to spread the plastic-free message, mobilise and hold community awareness events and set up a group of local stakeholders to meet twice a year to move the campaign forward.

Jan Burnell, the chairperson and co-founder of KATG, said: “I think that getting rid of unnecessary single-use plastics is definitely something whose time has come. It’s something I’d really like to see happen in Kenilworth, and most people are ready for it.

“Interested parties joining forces to launch schemes like this makes so much sense. Together we can pool ideas, information, contacts, skills and effort to make the whole enterprise more readily achievable.”