Kenilworth and Leamington MPs respond to suspension of parliament

MP Jeremy Wright
MP Jeremy Wright

Members of Parliament for the Warwick District respond to the latest move be the Government and Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

Conservative MP Jeremy Wright, who represents Kenilworth and Southam, posted the following response to his website:

MP Matt Western

MP Matt Western

"The Prime Minister is right to say that the current legislative session has lasted much longer than usual, and I can agree that a renewed domestic policy agenda would be a good idea.

"It is perfectly normal for a new Government to wish to set out such as new agenda in a Queen’s Speech, and that involves proroguing Parliament for a period of weeks. However, we are not in perfectly normal times.

The Prime Minister has decided that the UK must leave the EU, if necessary, with no deal on the 31st October. That leaves less than a month for Parliament, as the body whose constitutional job it is, to test the soundness of that decision.

"Although it is true that the current Parliamentary timetable envisages several weeks of Parliamentary recess to allow for party conferences in that period anyway.

"I for one would readily forgo those weeks of party-political activity in favour of urgent national debate on a time limited issue of huge significance and I don’t think I would be the only MP to do so. That recess does not need to happen.

"So, the question becomes not is it valid and important for the new Government to bring forward a Queen’s Speech, to which the answer is yes.

"The question is rather is it more important to do that in October (as opposed to a month later for example) than to discuss the Brexit process fully while it is still relevant to do so.

So unlike many of those expressing their outrage at the Prime Minster’s announcement today, I do not reject out of hand the Prime Minister’s case for leaving on the 31st October, if necessary with no deal, but it is a decision of huge significance and the Government should be prepared to defend it and to accept and to respond to detailed scrutiny of it, especially given there is a deal, imperfect but viable, still available.

"Allowing the fullest possible time for that to happen is the clearest possible sign of a Government confident in its decision making and, more importantly, the clearest recognition that Government must take Parliament with it in this course of action."

MP Matt Western

The Labour MP Matt Western, who represents Leamington and Warwick, posted a statement about the government's latest actions to his Facebook page.

The statement reads as follows:

Mr Western said: "News has broken that the Queen has granted Boris Johnson permission to suspend Parliament - just weeks away from the looming Brexit deadline of October 31st. This deeply reckless move by Johnson is an affront to democracy.

"Asking the Queen to suspend Parliament for up to 34 days is unprecedented in recent times. In fact, it's longer than any suspension for at least forty years.

"Despite his spin, his motivations for doing this are clear for everybody to see.

"He wants to thwart our parliamentary democracy - and Parliament's elected right to scrutinise executive power and legislate in the interests of our constituents.

"Those who signed the Church Declaration, including myself, are committed to fighting back against this undemocratic power grab by an unelected Prime Minister.

"A majority of Parliamentarians are against crashing out of the European Union without a deal. Johnson is threatened by this and has chosen to freeze elected members of Parliament out of the system in order to push through a catastrophic No Deal Brexit.

"This is not about setting their domestic agenda - and is blatant spin. It is about avoiding the reality of the situation: the majority of elected MPs are not in favour of a No Deal Brexit. This is nothing but a smash and grab on our democracy.

"This is a sad day for British democracy, but the fight is nowhere near over. I will not stand idly by while this Johnson government leads our great country off a cliff edge."