Hatton school that helps bullied children needs help finding new site to help primary school children

A school in Hatton that helps bullied children is appealing for help in finding a new premises so that they can help primary school aged children.

Northleigh House School, which is also a charity, was created in 2012 by Viv and Fred Morgan.

Northleigh House School is looking for a new premises so they can provide help to primary school aged children. Photos supplied.

Northleigh House School is looking for a new premises so they can provide help to primary school aged children. Photos supplied.

They initially bought the property when it was run as a hotel and came across a story in a newspaper left by a guest about a teenager in Cornwall who killed herself because of bullying.

After reading this the couple decided to try and make a difference.

The team at the school is now looking to build on its success by expanding its secondary provision and establishing a new primary facility from September 2020.

Currently Northleigh’s learner-centred approach caters for 30 secondary students, all of whom follow individual education programmes studying in safe surroundings, supported by staff. However, demand is high, and the school's September 2020 intake is already full and the waiting list is growing longer each day.

Viv said: "We take the time to get to know our children well - aided by small group sizes, often one-to-one.

"Over the last eight years we have developed an environment for children to flourish and we want to be able to support more children in the future.

"For a long time I have known that I must expand Northleigh House School to accommodate younger children of a primary school age.

"Increasingly over the last three years, time and time again I have sat and listened to desperate parents trying to help their sons and daughters.

"Children for whatever reason, do not fit into mainstream education and who's self confidence and social and emotional well being is being damaged.

"Parents of children as young as six and seven years are telling me that their child has high levels of anxiety and display concerning behaviour. It is my opinion that we should do something at this stage before it escalates into a much graver situation.

"Its vitally important to catch these children early in their development to help them build a healthy, positive self-image that will carry them forward into their teens and adult life.

"Finding premises for primary provision and secondary expansion is now a major priority.”

The school's objective is to start operating a primary school in September 2020. It will start with a small number of children ( a maximum of five) and grow from there.

They are hopeful that they may have a permanent accommodation solution by September. In the interim if there are any delays on premises they would look to operate a small school from the current Northleigh site.

Viv is actively looking for suitable premises and is asking for anyone who might be able to help to contact her on 07789 597704.