Dogs and owners can enjoy a treat together at Hatton cafe

A dog tucking into a 'dog cake'. Photos supplied
A dog tucking into a 'dog cake'. Photos supplied

Dogs and owners alike can now enjoy a treat together at a cafe in Hatton.

A partnership between a shop at Hatton Shopping Village and a bakery in Leamington has led to the creation of cake for dogs so they can enjoy a treat with their owners.

Saffron Medway, owner of Caking and Baking in Warwick Street, Leamington had teamed up with Lottie Newitt from The Alfresco Style garden centre in Hatton.

The first 'dog cakes' went on sale last weekend.

Saffron said: " I delivered our first dog cakes to them this weekend but we have been making cakes for the cafe at alfresco since May.

"The idea came about after I made a dog friendly cake for my son and daughter-in-laws dog and Lottie saw it on my Instagram and asked if I would supply some for the cafe.

"There is a full range of delicious cakes and bakes for everyone at Alfresco that we deliver twice a week so owners and doggies can enjoy together

"At the moment we have just the one variety - carrot and peanut with a hint of vanilla - but if it takes off I will look into other flavours."

The cakes are available at Alfie's Cafe at Alfresco.

Saffron added: "I think that dogs are a part of the family so why shouldn’t they be able enjoy the same treats as us. Cake should be for everyone!"

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