Cubbington Stop HS2 protest campers stand firm while another camp is set up near Kenilworth

Stop HS2 protest campers at South Cubbington Wood
Stop HS2 protest campers at South Cubbington Wood

Stop HS2 protesters camped in South Cubbington Wood are continuing to dig their heels in despite having been served a notice to vacate the site and in response another camp has been set up in woodland near Kenilworth nearby.

Kenilworth resident, Joe Rukin who is the Stop HS2 campaign manager, has said that the campaigners have "no intention whatsoever" to leave the Cubbington camp after the official notice was served to them last Friday (October 11).

Stop HS2 Campaign Manager Joe Rukin at the camp in South Cubbington Wood.

Stop HS2 Campaign Manager Joe Rukin at the camp in South Cubbington Wood.

And within 24 hours of this notice being given a similar camp had been set up at Crackley Wood near Kenilworth, which is also ancient woodland under threat from the HS2 high-speed rail project.

Mr Rukin said: “We have taken the notice to vacate South Cubbington Wood very seriously.

“So seriously, we’ve decided to set up a camp at Crackley as well.”

He added: “This is not a court order. It’s just signed by the solicitors.

“Even if there was a court order we would have the ability to contest it.”

Officials with HS2 have announced that work will be deferred for five of the 11 ancient woodland sites impacted by the rail project until early 2020, including Crackley and Cubbington Wood.

General clearance work in Warwickshire is taking place off Welsh Road near Southam this month with a compound being set up in that location.

This is while the Oakervee Review into the project takes place.

The report from the review will inform the Government’s decisions on the next steps for the project.

The outcome of this review, which could lead to parts of the project being axed or the entire scheme scrapped entirely, will be known soon.

Meanwhile the Stop HS2 group is looking for volunteers to join a rotation of people camping at the sites on each night of the week.

Matt Bishop, with the Walk the Line - Stop HS2 group who has organised both camps, has said: “This is the only way to stop it.

“The government has announced a review but HS2 has a get out clause.

“I’m not really sure this government review means a thing. It’s only because we’re here they’re not felling any trees.”

The notice to vacate for the Cubbington protest campers said: “The Secretary of State for Transport (“the landowner”) is entitled to possession of the land you are occupying.

“You are trespassing on the land, putting your own safety at risk and your presence is preventing the landowner from lawfully using the land.

“You are hearby required to cease trespassing on the land and remove all items placed in and or upon the land and to make good any damage caused immediately.

“If you do not cease trespassing, action will be taken to recover possession from you.”

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